Taylor & Travis

It had been just shy of a year since we had seen Taylor and Travis, but oh how they have grown and changed!

Taylor is a beautiful young lady and Travis…he is gonna be a model I think! 🙂

We had fun seeing them in the studio again tonight!!!

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There is something about an eagle that captivates me. Maybe it’s because an eagle symbolizes courage, strength, and freedom.  It might be their size, their power, or their ability.  Whatever it might be, I love the eagle.  Thanks to a … Continue reading

Creating a beautiful image!

As I was leaving the studio this evening, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely sunset.  Another beautiful work of art created by the Master!

So I decided to go get a picture of it.  But there is a difference in “getting a picture” and “creating a picture”  So to demonstrate to you the difference, I decided to put my camera on AUTO!!  The following photo was taken with my camera on it’s automatic setting, standing at a normal height. Notice the puddle of water on the edge of the road.

As you can see, my camera had no idea that I wanted to highlight the sky, so it’s automatic setting, said…it’s dark, so I need to slow the shutter down to lighten things up.  WRONG!!  So I switched back to my manual setting and adjusted my exposure for the sky. and I snapped the picture again and got this.Ok…so now we got our sky looking good!  That’s what I was after, however the horizon is right down the middle of the image, and again the camera position is not that flattering.  So I went to the edge of the field and got down low to the puddle of water.  I had my lens zoomed all of the way out to give it a wide angle. On my knee with my hand touching the water, I snapped this.Now this is what I was after!!  A much nicer image!!  And see how the puddle makes for a wonderful reflection?  Yes, I got my favorite jeans a little muddy, yeah my hand got a little wet…but sometimes it’s worth it to create a beautiful image!!

If you would like to see more images of tonight’s sunset, along with more photos from this year click HERE.  Have a great evening!


Where is the sun?

I woke up this morning and walked outside with my camera in hand.  And there was no pretty blue skies to use in a picture.  In fact there was no sunrise to capture a reflection on the lake with.  Just a blank, dreary, foggy, cloudy day.  I made mention of it and Parker said, “The Sun isn’t even up”  But then I reassured him, it was still there. That the sun was as bright as it ever is! But the problem was the interference between us and the sun. The clouds and the fog had blocked our view of the sun.

Then I told him, it is the same with our relationship with God.  There are days when we wonder where God is, why isn’t he showing up today.  Is he even awake? But we have to realize, he is there.  He is as prevalent as he always is.  But there is only one problem.  We have too many distractions, or interferences between us and him.  I am glad even on those days, I know if I will keep the faith, the fog will lift, the clouds will pass, and I will see…..God is still there.    Hebrews 13:5 …for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.


Corning Lake in the morning.

For so many years, I didn’t realize how big or how pretty our little lake actually is.  Since I don’t have boat, I normally only seen the part of the lake where all of the trash is scattered, and where people target practice.  I had seen the boat ramp, but that’s not really that pretty.  Underneath the train trestle, a little more interesting, but still not the best part.  A little bit further northeast and you see this!  It really makes me want a boat! Good morning!