This little piggy

We had so much fun in the studio photographing Cannon and Olivia!  Thanks to Ashley and Marc for allowing us to photograph your children! 

By the way our sessions do include photographs of your child’s face….lol but this was too cute!!



Want to get rid of that extra weight?

UPDATE 04-20-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 40 lbs.

UPDATE 03-17-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 36 lbs.

Below you will see a picture someone took of me at Thanksgiving 2011, and then a picture of myself today, 03-17-12

UPDATE 02-04-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 24 lbs.

It has been a month since I started trying to shed a few extra pounds and I am pleased to say I have lost 20.4 lbs!  How do you do that?  I get that question a lot!  What diet are you on? Are you taking pills? I hear all of this, so I thought I would share my secrets with you.  I know this post is non-photography related, but I thought I would do it anyways.

First and foremost…the most important tool in my weight lose is (H2O) yep…..water!  Drinking lots of water will do more for you than any pill will.  How much water?  If you want to lose weight it is recommended for women to drink about 90oz. and men to drink about 125oz. per day!  You don’t need much more than that, drinking too much is dangerous! Now, I know you might get some water from the sodas that you drink, but that is my next point!  Drop those sodas!!!  I cut them completely out, so water is my primary substance to drink.  I will have an unsweetened tea now and then.  Yeah I know, that is hard…we live in the south…tea is supposed to be sweet!!! lol Do you have High Blood Pressure? Water is one of the best things to levelize  your Blood Pressure!  So, to lay the foundation, get rid of sodas and drink water…lots of it.

My next discussion will be counting calories!  I do not count carbohydrates or fat grams.  I simply count calories.  I know my calorie limit for the day and I stick with it!  (and I do my calorie consumption before 7:00pm) Eating late at night, even if you have the spare calories, is a big NO NO!  How do I know how many calories to eat?  How do I keep up with my calories? Ahhh…problem solved.  I use a website and iPhone app called Lose It!It is a fantastic website to track your calories and your weight loss!  I weigh every day (usually) and record my progress.  However, I do most everything from my iPhone!  And it syncs to the website online. This is what the iPhone app looks like.Here you see the “My Day” screen.  Once you set up a plan, it will tell you your calorie budget for the day.  And it gives you a visual progress bar as to how close you are getting to your budget! You can add foods from here or go to the Log.This is my “Log” page so far today, with my breakfast recorded!  Now you might wonder how you add these foods. It on the little + symbol and you get this.Now choose your meal and check this next page out!The database is HUGE.  It has tons of foods to search from.  Restaurants, brand name foods.  You can add your previous meals, or create a new food on your own!  But the cool new feature is the Barcode scanner!  Yeah that makes it too easy!  Anyway you look at it, it is so easy to keep up with all of this!  If you look at your “Goal” page you can track your weight loss progress.Now, if you don’t mind others seeing your weight loss or your weight gain :(, you can add friends, and keep up with each others progress. Overall I give this iPhone app a 5 star rating!  I love it!!  So yes, my secret tool is Lose It!  I recommend you it.

Let’s break it down.  Drink water instead of sodas, and drink lots of it.  Set a calorie budget with an app or software, and stick with it.  Don’t eat late at night!!!!! Record your calories and your weight loss daily!  Oh and exercise….any exercise you can do will help a lot!

However you do it…Just do it!   It can be done!  Good luck!


Ellie Turns One!!

We started photographing Ellie when she was….well…before she was born! Susie and Dustin came to us for maternity portraits on Dec. 9th, 2010.  Shortly after we had the privilege of photographing Ellie when she was 10 days old!  Wasn’t she so cute sleeping away, while we were posing her in funny positions?Then 3 months later we got to see her again!  She had already grown so much!!  But 6 months rolled around and when she came back into the studio again, she was getting so big already!  In fact I convinced Dad into going and getting her FIRST Ice Cream Cone!  It was so special getting to photograph her first experience with Ice Cream!And then we get to now!  Ellie will turn one tomorrow!  Wow, how time flies!  We have had so much fun photographing Ellie! Susie and Dustin have become more than clients, they are friends, they are just part of the Jay’s Photography family!  We cannot forget Nan (Susie’s mother) She has made outfits, hairbows, blankets, props, you name it and she has brought it. She is a very talented woman!  So here we are tonight photographing her once more, turning one!!! Happy Birthday Ellie!




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There is something about an eagle that captivates me. Maybe it’s because an eagle symbolizes courage, strength, and freedom.  It might be their size, their power, or their ability.  Whatever it might be, I love the eagle.  Thanks to a … Continue reading

Baby Lilly

We had the privileged this evening of photographing another new baby, and having some wonderful new clients!  Lilly is the daughter of Maranda & Jamie Mason.  Thanks guys for coming and seeing us tonight!  We look forward to many more sessions with Lilly in the future…but until then, here is a sneak peek from this evening!!

Have a great night friends!!


Creating a beautiful image!

As I was leaving the studio this evening, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely sunset.  Another beautiful work of art created by the Master!

So I decided to go get a picture of it.  But there is a difference in “getting a picture” and “creating a picture”  So to demonstrate to you the difference, I decided to put my camera on AUTO!!  The following photo was taken with my camera on it’s automatic setting, standing at a normal height. Notice the puddle of water on the edge of the road.

As you can see, my camera had no idea that I wanted to highlight the sky, so it’s automatic setting, said…it’s dark, so I need to slow the shutter down to lighten things up.  WRONG!!  So I switched back to my manual setting and adjusted my exposure for the sky. and I snapped the picture again and got this.Ok…so now we got our sky looking good!  That’s what I was after, however the horizon is right down the middle of the image, and again the camera position is not that flattering.  So I went to the edge of the field and got down low to the puddle of water.  I had my lens zoomed all of the way out to give it a wide angle. On my knee with my hand touching the water, I snapped this.Now this is what I was after!!  A much nicer image!!  And see how the puddle makes for a wonderful reflection?  Yes, I got my favorite jeans a little muddy, yeah my hand got a little wet…but sometimes it’s worth it to create a beautiful image!!

If you would like to see more images of tonight’s sunset, along with more photos from this year click HERE.  Have a great evening!


We welcome another new client!

We had the privileged tonight of photographing another new client!  We welcome Amy & Jeremy to the Jay’s photography family.  Amy and Jeremy are expecting a little girl!  Congratulations guys!  We had fun photographing them…but we really can’t wait until we get to have baby Abby in the studio!!!!  Here is a quick peek at a shot from tonight.

We have a wonderful baby plan that covers the following 5 sessions:

  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months

For More information please email us at   We hope to hear from many more expecting mothers this year!