There is something about an eagle that captivates me. Maybe it’s because an eagle symbolizes courage, strength, and freedom.  It might be their size, their power, or their ability.  Whatever it might be, I love the eagle.  Thanks to a tip from a friend today, I got to see several of them.  Since I am not a birder, I don’t know if they were all Bald Eagles or not…..but I know at least 4 of them were.  The other could have been young Bald Eagles without the white head.  All together I think I counted 12.

I was very leery about posting these images.  Even my 200mm lens was not enough to get close enough to them for the quality of photographs that I normally post, but something told me go ahead.  I hope you will look past the technical fault in these images, and enjoy just a taste of what I did today!


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