Ace hits the big 1

It was nearly a year ago when we were introduced to Ace.  We had the opportunity of photographing him just a few days old!When he came back at 3 months old, we captured this image, which won an award in a National Children’s Portrait Contest.

But this wasn’t the last time we saw him!  6 months rolled around and Ace was back in the studio!

Ali and Aaron opted to visit us an additional time in November for some family portraits!

And then this week, Ace visits us once more to celebrate his 1st birthday!  We had so much fun with him in the studio!!! And Ace sure enjoyed his cake!!!  We want to wish him a Happy Birthday! And we also want to say thanks to Ali and Aaron Brooks for being wonderful clients that have become part of the Jay’s Family!!!!!

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Ermert Kids!

We had more new clients in the studio tonight!!  Kim & Richie Ermert brought their children to see us!

Baylee was very happy to see us, and was such a doll.  Bentley, well he wasn’t quite sure about having strangers take his picture! lol But we still managed to trick him into some cute pictures!Thanks again Kim and Richie for allowing us the opportunity to capture your memories!

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Katlyn & Anthony Wedding!

We had the amazing chance to photograph Katlyn & Anthony Allen’s wedding today!  But it wasn’t just the wedding that was amazing!

We photographed the engaged couple in downtown Jonesboro, AR for a fun filled afternoon.  As you can see in these pictures, they were such a cute engaged couple!

We then took Katlyn outside in the cold a couple months later to photograph her bridal session!  Katlyn was such a good sport and so much fun!

And then today was their big day!!!  Everything was beautiful, but nothing outdid the Bride and Groom!!  They are such a lovely couple!

I want to say thanks to both of them for this opportunity!  We pray  God’s blessing upon them as they begin this journey called marriage! Congratulations guys!!!


Taylor & Travis

It had been just shy of a year since we had seen Taylor and Travis, but oh how they have grown and changed!

Taylor is a beautiful young lady and Travis…he is gonna be a model I think! 🙂

We had fun seeing them in the studio again tonight!!!

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Miss Natalee Is Turning 1

Miss Natalee joined us in the studio this afternoon for her 1 year old portraits.  We captured some adorable images of her, but this wasn’t the first time!!!

We began photographing her while she was still in mommy’s tummy! Then after she was born we got her in the studio just a few days old!

Before we knew it, she was 3 months old!!! And she was such a princess, but a pouty princess!!!When she was six months old, we went to the river!  We played in the sun and sand on Current River!  So, turning a year old, we were bound to have fun in the studio again!  We want to thank Rethalee and Brody for allowing us this opportunity for over a year now!!!!  We look forward to photographing Natalee and the rest of the family in the future!!!

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Not Your Regular Valentine Card!

I have never liked the plain ole Valentine’s cards you buy from the store.  Yeah they show off a cool cartoon character, or maybe some cool motorcycles, but why not make it personal?

We decided to fix our boys up with something a little better. Let us know in time so we can get your Valentine’s created so your kid can also have some cool valentines!.  Here Here at Jay’s Photography, we do cards for all occasions!  So whatever the need, call us and let us help you come up with something special!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!