Fun clothing for fun sessions!

We absolutely love for our clients to have fun during a session!  And we have fun as well.  We also love to see it when they bring fun, quirky outfits!  But this time it was a little different!  Matilda Jane Clothing was kind enough to send me an outfit to review and photograph for them!

MJ_001Meet Carissa, our model who agreed to help us out!  She is wearing an outfit from the Paint By Numbers collection from Matilda Jane.  But the fun part is, this outfit is 3 different pieces sold separately.  You can mix and match their individual pieces to create several different looks!  And these colors look great on the solid white background (which I love to shoot)  Just look at the adorable long sleeve Sky View Puffer Tee, it looks great with the Turtledove Knot Top over it, or the tee would be great by itself!  Now how about those Gleam Leggings? The leggings add even more color and more quirkiness to the outfit!

MJ_003Carrisa had so much fun in the studio and outside!  The outfit sure never restricted her movement!  I never heard her complain once about how the outfit felt on her.  Yes, we have all had on cute outfits our parents put us in before that either scratched us like a tow sack or felt like a straight jacket! Not this 😉

MJ_002I also want to comment on the quality.  The pieces all felt extremely well crafted.  The material wasn’t thin, the seams were all sewn tight, I wasn’t afraid she was gonna mess it up playing on the hay bale and jumping around!

MJ_004So, now that you have my opinion on the clothing…I encourage you to check out their website. I am not saying you should purchase Matilda Jane clothing to come to our studio, please don’t think that.  I do encourage you to think about fun, quirky outfits, and how much fun they look in the portraits!

We look forward to photographing your child next!



New Arrival Announcement!

We would like to say congratulations to Blayne and Andy Jett, on their new addition to their family!  The Jett’s have been wonderful clients of our for quite a while now!  We look forward to being a part of photographing and making memories of the 4th member of their family!! If you are expecting a little one, please give us a call and find out about our tremendous baby plan!  870-857-5297


Gender Reveal Party

So yes I know it has been a while since I made a blog post.  I have been super busy and been traveling!  As I am preparing to make another trip to NYC next week, I decided to share what I done today.  We are wanting to incorporate video and photography together to produce beautiful, emotional slideshows. So this is an example!

I had the privileged of photographing the Gender Reveal Party for Courtney & Josh Hollowell.  Courtney and Josh neither one knew the gender of their baby!  Only their friend Caleigh, who prepared the box of balloons!  Please click the link to watch the video clip and share their excitement!

Gender Reveal Video


Congratulations Courtney & Josh

If you have an event that you would like photographed or possible videoed, please contact us!


Free Senior Portraits!!!!!

How would you like over $600.00 worth of Senior Portraits & Products from Jay’s Photography at NO COST to you?

Are you outgoing, fun, and love our work? You can be a Jay’s Photography Senior Ambassador!

We are now interviewing for our 2013 Senior Ambassadors from each surrounding school. Call us today to set up your interview! 870-857-5297.

Below is a copy of the application that you can print and fill out, to bring to your interview!  Click on application to view full-screen.

Brock Licked Me!!

Brock Licked Me! He really did!  Okay, okay, I know I made a lame reference to the “Charlie Bit Me” video. By the way if you haven’t seen it……you must click here!

Now back to portraits!  Wow! It has been busy around here!  So many portraits, I have fallen behind on updating my blog.  I really plan on posting some more at a later time!  But I had to share this!!

While shooting the session for Taylor and Brock, Brock decided to lick his big brother Taylor.  The only one that knew it was coming was Brock!  And fortunately I had my camera ready!!  You can see both Taylor’s, surprise and Brock’s amusement!  It is moments like this that are so much fun to be able to capture!

We are booking sessions now for the end of May, first of June, so be sure and get your session booked early!!!!  Call us today 870-857-5297


Lane is turning 1

We have so many wonderful little clients, and several of them are turning one!  Lane is one of them!

Crystal came to see us to capture memories from her pregnancy.  This is a very special time, the time when you are closer to your child than you will ever be! When Lane was 9 days old, we captured some wonderful shots of him!  We love to get the sleeping baby shots, but they don’t always sleep!  Lane was one of our wide eyed newborns! At the 3 month session, we like to photograph one of your child’s milestones, which is them raising their head up.  We usually lay the child on their tummy and coax them into raising up and looking at us for a couple seconds.  Lane went beyond that, he was showing off for us! When it was time for his 6 month session, we went to the river!  Believe you me, Lane had fun in the sun and sand!  Towards the end of the session he decided to eat the sand instead of play in it!  I think he had a sand castle in his diaper the next morning! lol And then today he came in our studio so we could capture his 12 month session!  Lane was walking all over the place, and getting around everywhere!  But we got him to be still when we pulled out the cake!  We are so happy that Crystal and Mark trusted us with Lane’s memories from his first year.  Now that he has turned one, we really need to get them in our “Toddler Time Program”  Because we want to see Lane again at 2, 3, 4 & 5 year old….hint hint!

If you are having a newborn, or if you have a toddler, contact us today to get in one of our programs! 870-857-5297


Taylor & Travis

It had been just shy of a year since we had seen Taylor and Travis, but oh how they have grown and changed!

Taylor is a beautiful young lady and Travis…he is gonna be a model I think! 🙂

We had fun seeing them in the studio again tonight!!!

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