Austin Loves Elmo!

Austin is turning one!!!!!  He was in our studio today for his one year session!  We had lots of fun!  His birthday party is Elmo themed, so he brought his Elmo, well two of them!! His cute necktie and matching diaper cover were made my Sissy’s Shop.  You can also find Sissy on Facebook.

His mother, Erin did a wonderful job making a cake for him as well!And of course we had to let Elmo play!! (Click on picture to see him dance!)Happy Birthday Austin!!!

-Uncle Jay


Lillie Is Already 6 Months Old

The time passes by so quickly these days!  And with us seeing so many little babies come through our studio, we see all of them growing and changing!  It seems like just last week that Lillian Grace was getting her newborn pictures taken!  But it is 6 months later and she is just a cutie!!!  We appreciate Chelsea and Matt, for letting us work with Lillie!  Shots like this are just priceless!  I am happy to be the one that captured this memory for them!  Thanks again!!


Our Baby Package Starts With Maternity Portraits!

We have an amazing baby package called the “One Small Step” program.  However, we don’t always wait until after they are born to photograph them!  We love capturing maternity portraits of the mother around 7 month into the pregnancy.  We also get shots with the father…like this!Amber & Cory came to see us today! In spite of how it looks, Cory did actually know she was pregnant before this shot…lol.  We had lots of fun photographing them today. Amber & Cory are very special friends, and we are so happy for them! We are already looking forward to them having their baby, so we can capture some wonderful newborn shots for them!

If you or someone you know is having a baby, why not purchase one of our baby packages?  They make wonderful gifts, because the gift keeps giving all year.  We can capture maternity portraits, then newborn portraits, they come to see us at 3 months, again at 6 months, and then we photograph your child at one year old!!

For more information, please call 870-857-5297.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Lane is turning 1

We have so many wonderful little clients, and several of them are turning one!  Lane is one of them!

Crystal came to see us to capture memories from her pregnancy.  This is a very special time, the time when you are closer to your child than you will ever be! When Lane was 9 days old, we captured some wonderful shots of him!  We love to get the sleeping baby shots, but they don’t always sleep!  Lane was one of our wide eyed newborns! At the 3 month session, we like to photograph one of your child’s milestones, which is them raising their head up.  We usually lay the child on their tummy and coax them into raising up and looking at us for a couple seconds.  Lane went beyond that, he was showing off for us! When it was time for his 6 month session, we went to the river!  Believe you me, Lane had fun in the sun and sand!  Towards the end of the session he decided to eat the sand instead of play in it!  I think he had a sand castle in his diaper the next morning! lol And then today he came in our studio so we could capture his 12 month session!  Lane was walking all over the place, and getting around everywhere!  But we got him to be still when we pulled out the cake!  We are so happy that Crystal and Mark trusted us with Lane’s memories from his first year.  Now that he has turned one, we really need to get them in our “Toddler Time Program”  Because we want to see Lane again at 2, 3, 4 & 5 year old….hint hint!

If you are having a newborn, or if you have a toddler, contact us today to get in one of our programs! 870-857-5297


Miss Natalee Is Turning 1

Miss Natalee joined us in the studio this afternoon for her 1 year old portraits.  We captured some adorable images of her, but this wasn’t the first time!!!

We began photographing her while she was still in mommy’s tummy! Then after she was born we got her in the studio just a few days old!

Before we knew it, she was 3 months old!!! And she was such a princess, but a pouty princess!!!When she was six months old, we went to the river!  We played in the sun and sand on Current River!  So, turning a year old, we were bound to have fun in the studio again!  We want to thank Rethalee and Brody for allowing us this opportunity for over a year now!!!!  We look forward to photographing Natalee and the rest of the family in the future!!!

If you too want to be a part of our “One Small Step” program, get in touch with us today and let us capture memories of your child through their first year!!!


Ellie Turns One!!

We started photographing Ellie when she was….well…before she was born! Susie and Dustin came to us for maternity portraits on Dec. 9th, 2010.  Shortly after we had the privilege of photographing Ellie when she was 10 days old!  Wasn’t she so cute sleeping away, while we were posing her in funny positions?Then 3 months later we got to see her again!  She had already grown so much!!  But 6 months rolled around and when she came back into the studio again, she was getting so big already!  In fact I convinced Dad into going and getting her FIRST Ice Cream Cone!  It was so special getting to photograph her first experience with Ice Cream!And then we get to now!  Ellie will turn one tomorrow!  Wow, how time flies!  We have had so much fun photographing Ellie! Susie and Dustin have become more than clients, they are friends, they are just part of the Jay’s Photography family!  We cannot forget Nan (Susie’s mother) She has made outfits, hairbows, blankets, props, you name it and she has brought it. She is a very talented woman!  So here we are tonight photographing her once more, turning one!!! Happy Birthday Ellie!