Lane is turning 1

We have so many wonderful little clients, and several of them are turning one!  Lane is one of them!

Crystal came to see us to capture memories from her pregnancy.  This is a very special time, the time when you are closer to your child than you will ever be! When Lane was 9 days old, we captured some wonderful shots of him!  We love to get the sleeping baby shots, but they don’t always sleep!  Lane was one of our wide eyed newborns! At the 3 month session, we like to photograph one of your child’s milestones, which is them raising their head up.  We usually lay the child on their tummy and coax them into raising up and looking at us for a couple seconds.  Lane went beyond that, he was showing off for us! When it was time for his 6 month session, we went to the river!  Believe you me, Lane had fun in the sun and sand!  Towards the end of the session he decided to eat the sand instead of play in it!  I think he had a sand castle in his diaper the next morning! lol And then today he came in our studio so we could capture his 12 month session!  Lane was walking all over the place, and getting around everywhere!  But we got him to be still when we pulled out the cake!  We are so happy that Crystal and Mark trusted us with Lane’s memories from his first year.  Now that he has turned one, we really need to get them in our “Toddler Time Program”  Because we want to see Lane again at 2, 3, 4 & 5 year old….hint hint!

If you are having a newborn, or if you have a toddler, contact us today to get in one of our programs! 870-857-5297


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