033_AdenSo Aden came to see us a few days ago and he was so much fun to photograph! He is a cutie…go ahead see for yourself!

009_Aden 015_Aden

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Brother For Sale!!!!!

We had an awesome session tonight!!  Gannon is now 6 months old! But his big sister isn’t too fond of him!!!!

Actually Miss Carlee loves her little brother, but we did manage to pull off this shot!!!!  We got some more adorable shots of Gannon as well.  Here is just one more example!


A Tribute To A Hero

Micah McDaniel was in our studio this evening for the very first time.  Micah flew from Colorado all the way to Northeast Arkansas to see us. (side note: some of his family lives here) We were so happy to see him, and photograph his first portrait session.

Micah’s daddy and his papa both are in the Armed Forces, in fact his papa is in Afghanistan right now!  Momma thought is would be a great idea to do something with a military spin on it.  I think we pulled it off!

My hat goes off to this family for their willingness to serve our country!  God Bless the McDaniels and God Bless America!!!


Brock Licked Me!!

Brock Licked Me! He really did!  Okay, okay, I know I made a lame reference to the “Charlie Bit Me” video. By the way if you haven’t seen it……you must click here!

Now back to portraits!  Wow! It has been busy around here!  So many portraits, I have fallen behind on updating my blog.  I really plan on posting some more at a later time!  But I had to share this!!

While shooting the session for Taylor and Brock, Brock decided to lick his big brother Taylor.  The only one that knew it was coming was Brock!  And fortunately I had my camera ready!!  You can see both Taylor’s, surprise and Brock’s amusement!  It is moments like this that are so much fun to be able to capture!

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Storybook Sessions


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How would you like for your child to have a photographic experience that they keep talking about? We are now offering a one of a kind experience.  Our storybook session for your child is designed based upon the things they … Continue reading

Austin Loves Elmo!

Austin is turning one!!!!!  He was in our studio today for his one year session!  We had lots of fun!  His birthday party is Elmo themed, so he brought his Elmo, well two of them!! His cute necktie and matching diaper cover were made my Sissy’s Shop.  You can also find Sissy on Facebook.

His mother, Erin did a wonderful job making a cake for him as well!And of course we had to let Elmo play!! (Click on picture to see him dance!)Happy Birthday Austin!!!

-Uncle Jay

Adorable Baby Gannon

Babies, babies, babies!!  We love all the new babies we get to see!  And lately we have been seeing several!

Last night it was the adorable baby Gannon!  We got some super cute images of him!  This is just one of them!  How adorable is this?

Our ideal newborn portraits are the “sleeping baby” shots.  However that doesn’t always happen.  But as you can see, they are too cute.  We like to get the studio warm, the baby fed, and then my wife Stephanie usually gets them to sleep!  We were able to accomplish just that during this session!

Gannon was a doll for us!  I think he enjoyed modeling! lol  We want to thank Jamie & JJ for bringing him to see us!  We look forward to all of the other session of Gannon we will be doing this year.  Gannon is in our “One Small Step Program” So you will get to see more of him!

But of course Jamie, JJ, and Gannon were not alone.  Big sister Carlee was also there!  And her “pops” bought her a balloon to occupy her.  Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to photograph Miss Carlee and her balloon!If you enjoy our blog post, let us know by commenting and sharing on Facebook & Twitter.  If you want to make sure you see all of our blog post,  click on home, and the find the “follow” button on the right hand side of the screen.  You will then be emailed every time we make a new blog post!