UAV Ground School Promo Code $25 Off

In February of 2017, I decided to become a licensed drone pilot.  The FAA requires you to pass what they call a Part 107 Exam.  The exam is quite difficult and there is a lot of material to learn!  That is why I chose to enroll in Gold Seal Training at UAV Ground School.  I don’t regret it!

Since I just hit 1000 Subscribers on YouTube, Gold Seal was kind enough to offer my viewers a $25 Off discount code.  Take a look at my video to find out how you can save $25!

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Fun clothing for fun sessions!

We absolutely love for our clients to have fun during a session!  And we have fun as well.  We also love to see it when they bring fun, quirky outfits!  But this time it was a little different!  Matilda Jane Clothing was kind enough to send me an outfit to review and photograph for them!

MJ_001Meet Carissa, our model who agreed to help us out!  She is wearing an outfit from the Paint By Numbers collection from Matilda Jane.  But the fun part is, this outfit is 3 different pieces sold separately.  You can mix and match their individual pieces to create several different looks!  And these colors look great on the solid white background (which I love to shoot)  Just look at the adorable long sleeve Sky View Puffer Tee, it looks great with the Turtledove Knot Top over it, or the tee would be great by itself!  Now how about those Gleam Leggings? The leggings add even more color and more quirkiness to the outfit!

MJ_003Carrisa had so much fun in the studio and outside!  The outfit sure never restricted her movement!  I never heard her complain once about how the outfit felt on her.  Yes, we have all had on cute outfits our parents put us in before that either scratched us like a tow sack or felt like a straight jacket! Not this 😉

MJ_002I also want to comment on the quality.  The pieces all felt extremely well crafted.  The material wasn’t thin, the seams were all sewn tight, I wasn’t afraid she was gonna mess it up playing on the hay bale and jumping around!

MJ_004So, now that you have my opinion on the clothing…I encourage you to check out their website. I am not saying you should purchase Matilda Jane clothing to come to our studio, please don’t think that.  I do encourage you to think about fun, quirky outfits, and how much fun they look in the portraits!

We look forward to photographing your child next!


Storybook Sessions


This gallery contains 13 photos.

How would you like for your child to have a photographic experience that they keep talking about? We are now offering a one of a kind experience.  Our storybook session for your child is designed based upon the things they … Continue reading

Lillie Is Already 6 Months Old

The time passes by so quickly these days!  And with us seeing so many little babies come through our studio, we see all of them growing and changing!  It seems like just last week that Lillian Grace was getting her newborn pictures taken!  But it is 6 months later and she is just a cutie!!!  We appreciate Chelsea and Matt, for letting us work with Lillie!  Shots like this are just priceless!  I am happy to be the one that captured this memory for them!  Thanks again!!


Katlyn & Anthony Wedding!

We had the amazing chance to photograph Katlyn & Anthony Allen’s wedding today!  But it wasn’t just the wedding that was amazing!

We photographed the engaged couple in downtown Jonesboro, AR for a fun filled afternoon.  As you can see in these pictures, they were such a cute engaged couple!

We then took Katlyn outside in the cold a couple months later to photograph her bridal session!  Katlyn was such a good sport and so much fun!

And then today was their big day!!!  Everything was beautiful, but nothing outdid the Bride and Groom!!  They are such a lovely couple!

I want to say thanks to both of them for this opportunity!  We pray  God’s blessing upon them as they begin this journey called marriage! Congratulations guys!!!


Would you like to win $1,500.00?

OK…so show me any person living in this economy, and then convince me they wouldn’t like an additional $1500.00 to spend!

Here at Jay’s Photography, we have started doing sessions for the Adorable National Children’s Portrait Contest.  This is the second year we have been a part of this national contest.  Last year we had two national winners! This year we are expecting more entries and more winners!! Here is how the process works.  The contest is open to any children Newborn-12 yrs.  You book an Adorable session with Jay’s Photography.  That is a 30 minute, 1 outfit session.  The cost is only $25.00 for this session!  We then set up a viewing appointment for you to view the images we took.  Together with me, we choose an image that is worthy of a National winner based on quality, appearance, charm, expression, and personality.   That image will be submitted into the contest.  The prizes are awarded on a pre-paid Mastercard for you to spend however you choose!  Here are the prizes awarded.

  • (1) Grand Prize – $1500
  • (9) 1st Place Winners – $200
  • (9) 2nd Place Winners – $100
  • (9) 3rd Place Winners – $50
  • (18) Honorable Mentions – $25

The Categories are:

  1. Newborn-6 Months
  2. 7-12 Months
  3. 13 Months-2 Yrs.
  4. 3-5 Yrs.
  5. 6-8 Yrs.
  6. 9-12 Yrs.
  7. Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me
  8. Oops (funny)
  9. Buddies (up to 3)

Now that you have decided that you would like $1500, here’s what you need to do.  Email or Call us to book your session before May, 31.  Only sessions completed by then are eligible.  Pick out a cute outfit for your child/children.  And bring the kids to us!  Weather permitting we will do some outdoor sessions!  Winners will be announced July 22, 2012.

WAIT….that’s not all!!! Your images will also be included in our local contest.  Which means there will be 6 winners from the images shot by Jay’s Photography, one from each age category, that will win a 16X20 print of your child’s image!

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