New Adventure

Yes…I have started a blog!  Why?  I am not quite sure, but everyone suggest that since I am a photographer I have to have a blog!  So here it is.  I will be adding both my portraits and artistic images here! And sometimes the occasional things I like or like to do! So I hope you enjoy!  Please leave comments and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Adventure

  1. First off your photos are fantastic…im sorry to bother you this way,, i saw your video on smoking ribs. do you use wet or dry chips? large chunks or small chips? whats your favorite? thanks i didnt think you would mind me askin
    thanks again and good luck with your photos

    • Thanks!!! Concerning smoking….my smoker will only use the small chips, which I prefer anyways. I always soak them for 30 mins to an hour before using them. And for pork and chicken, I like to use apple or cherry mostly. If I am smoking beef, I like the mesquite chips. There is no real right or wrong, but pork and chicken does great with fruit woods. Hope this helps!

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