Almost Christmas time!!!!

WOW….what a busy year for us!  I mean…busy.  We have photographed so many families and kids this year.

Today, we photographed these kids…getting ready for Christmas time!!!  003_hollowell

We would love to be photographing your family or your children next!!!!!



A Tribute To A Hero

Micah McDaniel was in our studio this evening for the very first time.  Micah flew from Colorado all the way to Northeast Arkansas to see us. (side note: some of his family lives here) We were so happy to see him, and photograph his first portrait session.

Micah’s daddy and his papa both are in the Armed Forces, in fact his papa is in Afghanistan right now!  Momma thought is would be a great idea to do something with a military spin on it.  I think we pulled it off!

My hat goes off to this family for their willingness to serve our country!  God Bless the McDaniels and God Bless America!!!


This little piggy

We had so much fun in the studio photographing Cannon and Olivia!  Thanks to Ashley and Marc for allowing us to photograph your children! 

By the way our sessions do include photographs of your child’s face….lol but this was too cute!!


We welcome another new client!

We had the privileged tonight of photographing another new client!  We welcome Amy & Jeremy to the Jay’s photography family.  Amy and Jeremy are expecting a little girl!  Congratulations guys!  We had fun photographing them…but we really can’t wait until we get to have baby Abby in the studio!!!!  Here is a quick peek at a shot from tonight.

We have a wonderful baby plan that covers the following 5 sessions:

  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months

For More information please email us at   We hope to hear from many more expecting mothers this year!


Where is the sun?

I woke up this morning and walked outside with my camera in hand.  And there was no pretty blue skies to use in a picture.  In fact there was no sunrise to capture a reflection on the lake with.  Just a blank, dreary, foggy, cloudy day.  I made mention of it and Parker said, “The Sun isn’t even up”  But then I reassured him, it was still there. That the sun was as bright as it ever is! But the problem was the interference between us and the sun. The clouds and the fog had blocked our view of the sun.

Then I told him, it is the same with our relationship with God.  There are days when we wonder where God is, why isn’t he showing up today.  Is he even awake? But we have to realize, he is there.  He is as prevalent as he always is.  But there is only one problem.  We have too many distractions, or interferences between us and him.  I am glad even on those days, I know if I will keep the faith, the fog will lift, the clouds will pass, and I will see…..God is still there.    Hebrews 13:5 …for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.