Corning Lake in the morning.

For so many years, I didn’t realize how big or how pretty our little lake actually is.  Since I don’t have boat, I normally only seen the part of the lake where all of the trash is scattered, and where people target practice.  I had seen the boat ramp, but that’s not really that pretty.  Underneath the train trestle, a little more interesting, but still not the best part.  A little bit further northeast and you see this!  It really makes me want a boat! Good morning!


5 thoughts on “Corning Lake in the morning.

  1. Somebody take Jay out in a boat – or give him a boat – or call someone you know that has a boat….. for goodness sake, get the man a boat !!! Or just go ahead and start walking on the water Jay! Ha Ha! Jesus did say that we would do even greater things than he.

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