Pet Portraits

Ok…so I realize I haven’t been too good about updating my blog.  I also realize my last blog post had to do with photographing a pet! However, I am trying to get back in the groove of blog posting.  So here goes…

Today 3 kids walked in my studio to show me their new pet.  He was a cutie!  (Well the kids weren’t bad either)  So before they could leave, I had to spend just a couple minutes photographing the little guy for them.

Meet a Domanic.  He is 8 weeks old today and he is a Mal-Shi (a Maltese and Shih-Tzu mix) and was just a ball of fur.

So whether it is your pets or your kids…we can make portraits for you!



Memories made with a fusion video.

My motto as a photographer is “Making Memories Last a Lifetime”, I try to do just that.

12 years ago the Hampton family were blessed by the addition of Molly, a beautiful Golden Retriever.  Molly is not just a pet, she has become a member of the family.  Just recently the Hampton family found out that Molly was sick.  It doesn’t look like Molly will be around for long.  (UPDATE: Molly passed away April 9, 2014)

004_Hampton FamilyKeith called me, told me the story and asked if I could photograph Molly with their family.  I knew it was something that I would be honored to photograph.  But I wanted more for them.  Recently we have been creating a few fusion videos.  Now you ask what a fusion video is?  It is a combination of still images and moving images (video) blended together into a final product.  We would love for you to see what we produced for them.  Below is a link to the video.

Give us a call when you want us to create memories for you!