Miss Natalee Is Turning 1

Miss Natalee joined us in the studio this afternoon for her 1 year old portraits.  We captured some adorable images of her, but this wasn’t the first time!!!

We began photographing her while she was still in mommy’s tummy! Then after she was born we got her in the studio just a few days old!

Before we knew it, she was 3 months old!!! And she was such a princess, but a pouty princess!!!When she was six months old, we went to the river!  We played in the sun and sand on Current River!  So, turning a year old, we were bound to have fun in the studio again!  We want to thank Rethalee and Brody for allowing us this opportunity for over a year now!!!!  We look forward to photographing Natalee and the rest of the family in the future!!!

If you too want to be a part of our “One Small Step” program, get in touch with us today and let us capture memories of your child through their first year!!! http://www.jaysphoto.com


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