Do You Remember Penny Candy?

Candy for a penny? Are you serious?  Yeah…well at least I’ve been told!

While driving past Walmart parking lot today I seen this truck and trailer.Ok…nothing special, but colorful and I have never seen a trailer like this that I can remember!  But what it really done was got me thinking about candy!  This could be due to the diet I am on, however it got my brain rolling.  Just how cheap do you remember getting candy for?

I can remember getting candy quite frequently for .05  I used to love picking out Nickel candy at Leonard’s grocery store before school!  Not only Super Bubble, but Bit-O-Honey, Jolly Ranchers, and more.  The joy was being able to fill a sack for $1 or $2.

But now I must confess my age…I am 31 and I actually remember getting candy for .01  Yes, one penny!  I can remember going to see my Grandparents in Fairdealing, MO and there was a small store there that sold candy for a penny.  I can remember all of the Tootsie Rolls, and not just the regular kind, even all of the flavors!   Pixie sticks, Peanut Butter Bars, you know the kind with the black stripes on the plastic wrapper. So many different kinds to choose from!  That was so much fun!

I visited that same store last week.  I picked up a bottle of water, a pack of juicy fruit, and I looked around to see if there was any penny candy.  SHOCKER: There wasn’t.  Not even for a nickel, or a dime! Al you see now are packs of gum, and bags of candy.  Gone are the days of endless time deciding on how many different kinds of candy you can get in that sack.  And get it all for $1

So think back to what you remember getting, and be sure and tell your kids!  If it was .10, .05, or even a PENNY, tell them about it.  It’s worth sharing!


4 thoughts on “Do You Remember Penny Candy?

  1. Oh yes, your post brought back memories. I’m in England so we have different pennies, but they are pennies nevertheless, and when I was a kid, I used to get given 10p on a Saturday I would go up to the local shop and pick out my candies (sweets over here). Some were a penny, some were two pennies and some were even half a penny, and I would spend a long time choosing which ones were to go into my little paper bag. Happy days!

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