Want to get rid of that extra weight?

UPDATE 04-20-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 40 lbs.

UPDATE 03-17-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 36 lbs.

Below you will see a picture someone took of me at Thanksgiving 2011, and then a picture of myself today, 03-17-12

UPDATE 02-04-12: Since December 27, 2011, I have now lost 24 lbs.

It has been a month since I started trying to shed a few extra pounds and I am pleased to say I have lost 20.4 lbs!  How do you do that?  I get that question a lot!  What diet are you on? Are you taking pills? I hear all of this, so I thought I would share my secrets with you.  I know this post is non-photography related, but I thought I would do it anyways.

First and foremost…the most important tool in my weight lose is (H2O) yep…..water!  Drinking lots of water will do more for you than any pill will.  How much water?  If you want to lose weight it is recommended for women to drink about 90oz. and men to drink about 125oz. per day!  You don’t need much more than that, drinking too much is dangerous! Now, I know you might get some water from the sodas that you drink, but that is my next point!  Drop those sodas!!!  I cut them completely out, so water is my primary substance to drink.  I will have an unsweetened tea now and then.  Yeah I know, that is hard…we live in the south…tea is supposed to be sweet!!! lol Do you have High Blood Pressure? Water is one of the best things to levelize  your Blood Pressure!  So, to lay the foundation, get rid of sodas and drink water…lots of it.

My next discussion will be counting calories!  I do not count carbohydrates or fat grams.  I simply count calories.  I know my calorie limit for the day and I stick with it!  (and I do my calorie consumption before 7:00pm) Eating late at night, even if you have the spare calories, is a big NO NO!  How do I know how many calories to eat?  How do I keep up with my calories? Ahhh…problem solved.  I use a website and iPhone app called Lose It!It is a fantastic website to track your calories and your weight loss!  I weigh every day (usually) and record my progress.  However, I do most everything from my iPhone!  And it syncs to the website online. This is what the iPhone app looks like.Here you see the “My Day” screen.  Once you set up a plan, it will tell you your calorie budget for the day.  And it gives you a visual progress bar as to how close you are getting to your budget! You can add foods from here or go to the Log.This is my “Log” page so far today, with my breakfast recorded!  Now you might wonder how you add these foods. It easy..click on the little + symbol and you get this.Now choose your meal and check this next page out!The database is HUGE.  It has tons of foods to search from.  Restaurants, brand name foods.  You can add your previous meals, or create a new food on your own!  But the cool new feature is the Barcode scanner!  Yeah that makes it too easy!  Anyway you look at it, it is so easy to keep up with all of this!  If you look at your “Goal” page you can track your weight loss progress.Now, if you don’t mind others seeing your weight loss or your weight gain :(, you can add friends, and keep up with each others progress. Overall I give this iPhone app a 5 star rating!  I love it!!  So yes, my secret tool is Lose It!  I recommend you it.

Let’s break it down.  Drink water instead of sodas, and drink lots of it.  Set a calorie budget with an app or software, and stick with it.  Don’t eat late at night!!!!! Record your calories and your weight loss daily!  Oh and exercise….any exercise you can do will help a lot!

However you do it…Just do it!   It can be done!  Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Want to get rid of that extra weight?

  1. Great testimonial Jay. I love it! Your excitement and drive will motivate others. You will improve the lives of those around you. :)Leslie

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