Ellie Turns One!!

We started photographing Ellie when she was….well…before she was born! Susie and Dustin came to us for maternity portraits on Dec. 9th, 2010.  Shortly after we had the privilege of photographing Ellie when she was 10 days old!  Wasn’t she so cute sleeping away, while we were posing her in funny positions?Then 3 months later we got to see her again!  She had already grown so much!!  But 6 months rolled around and when she came back into the studio again, she was getting so big already!  In fact I convinced Dad into going and getting her FIRST Ice Cream Cone!  It was so special getting to photograph her first experience with Ice Cream!And then we get to now!  Ellie will turn one tomorrow!  Wow, how time flies!  We have had so much fun photographing Ellie! Susie and Dustin have become more than clients, they are friends, they are just part of the Jay’s Photography family!  We cannot forget Nan (Susie’s mother) She has made outfits, hairbows, blankets, props, you name it and she has brought it. She is a very talented woman!  So here we are tonight photographing her once more, turning one!!! Happy Birthday Ellie!


2 thoughts on “Ellie Turns One!!

  1. Thank you Jay for capturing Ellie’s first year in this big ole world! And thanks to Stephanie for helping to make sure the shot is perfect! Dustin and i will cherish all the pictures you have taken of Ellie forever! I truly appreciate the amazing job you have done for us!

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